Holidays at Casa del Sole

Casa del Sole
18 Settembre 2014

Holidays at Casa del Sole: This week in toscany was awesome! Aladino’s Casa is a Great Place to spend your holidays with your Family, or as I did, with some Friends. The House Stands in the solitude, more or less. The neighbours are 600 meter away so you can sit outside in the evening listening Music and have a Drink and you can relax at the poolsite or Play tabletennis and no one will come to disturb. A few beautiful bigger cities Are next to migliano and easy to reach, e. g. Pisa. In the Kitchen you can find everything you need Even an original pizzaoven in which the landlord once made pizza for us. Big Garden with a beautiful veranda and the House, that has been Family owned since 1500 gives a Great mediterranean feeling. The Service and the condition of the whole Estate for this Price is stunning. I believe you can Hardly find a better deal. Thanks aladino! Have a good time.